Where Our Meal Replacement Protein Powder Began

We want to improve physical and brain health by focusing on gut health

Focusing on brain and gut health is a large part of our purpose. Brain health begins in the gut which so often gets ignored and we’re here to change that. By providing the highest quality fibers, adaptogens, prebiotics, and probiotics, we will help you feel the best you possibly can. Our goal is to provide the nutrition needed to promote a healthy gut and mind. It is easy to fall into a rut and we want to help those who seek to help themselves.*

A simple change in what you eat can go a long way in improving your overall quality of health. It can also help you to feel better and more energized, ready to tackle whatever you have planned for your day. We understand this importance in diet, which is why we made our meal replacement protein powder specifically with the brain and gut in mind. Whether you've fallen out of your previously active lifestyle or you're feeling better than ever, our meals are sure to help you go further and accomplish more. Learn more about us and then visit our shop to get started.

Nomadic Roots staff

Nomadic Roots to us mean constant growth. Roots are always growing. Always searching for what gives it life. Our growth is personal, physical, emotional, and mental. Growth brings us understanding of ourselves and others as we change through time. Embrace this positive change. This allows us to be our best selves and to effect a positive change in the world around us.

Search for what gives you life.

Our Roots

We are Chris and Crystal, two passionate individuals with a love for life, good food and adventure. We first met our freshmen year of college, both of us were very active, Chris always at the gym and Crystal always running. At the time we had no idea what actual nutrition was.
We tried just about everything we could find at the supplement stores and never thought much of it. We had a terrible daily diet and didn't take the proper time to recover from workouts or life.  It wasn’t until a few years later that each of us started experiencing different health issues in our early twenties. It was then we realized the importance and power of nutrition. 

“We want to give people a real help finding their way to a natural wellbeing”

Make yourself a healthy gift

Discover our plant-based meals shakes and feel all the taste of our non-GMO ingredients. Your body will thank you.

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