Regain your balance and lightness

Poor digestion can alter your natural balance bringing a feeling of heaviness and bloating to your stomach. Nomadic Roots helps you regain lightness and balance with enzymes to help support digestion. Find your wellbeing with our blend.

Digestive Enzyme Blend



A blend of enzymes that may relieve symptoms of poor digestion! It may ease symptoms of acid reflux, regularity of bowel movements, general comfort after eating by decreasing cramping frequency and severity.*


Bromelain Complex

A protein digesting enzyme made from pineapples. This natural complex can support immune health, specifically in the digestive tract.*


Papain Complex

Hailing from the papaya plant, this tropical fruit offers vital nutrients and compounds that may reduce bloating and constipation.*

An in-depth view

There are so many different products that claim they can relieve symptoms related to poor gut health. You may have already tried a few, but still, your digestive woes remain. Chronic poor digestion can decrease your quality of life, impact your ability to absorb nutrients, and feel needlessly frustrating!

Our Digestive Enzyme blend has been expertly formulated with ingredients to help ease the most common symptoms of an unhappy digestive system. Typical sensations you may experience when your gut is unhappy include bloating₁, changes in bowel movements₁, and general fatigue₁.*

Managing your stress, your diet, and your sleeping pattern is critical to improving your digestive system. Using digestive enzymes can help with digestion and reduce  unpleasant symptoms₁. While you focus on improving lifestyle behaviors, you can also rely on our product to help you improve your overall gut health.*

The star ingredients within our customized blend including Pancreatin, Bromelain complex, and Papain complex. These ingredients can sound like a mouthful, but don't let that scare you off!

Bromelain and Papain enzymes are both harvested from tropical fruits. They are naturally occurring and they can help regulate bowel movements₂‚₃‚₄, decrease gas and bloating₂‚₃, and reduce symptoms of digestive discomfort₂‚₃.*

The digestive system is the second most sophisticated system in your entire body (second to your brain), and it will take time to heal and improve. Like any area of your health, consistency is recommended to achieve the best results. While you focus your efforts on improving your overall health, our Digestive Enzyme blend will support healing in your gut for enhanced digestive health.*

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