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green vegetables in a convenient format


Green Power Blend

Collards Leaf

Organic Collards Leaf Powder

This cruciferous green vegetable may offer significant health protection, due to the robust nutrients and vitamins! It is also rich in calcium and vitamin K, which help to maintain strong bones across your lifespan.*


Organic Spinach Leaf Powder

This delicate leafy green vegetable is rich in iron, antixoxidants, and lutein (which protects our eyes!). Spinach also supports the maintenance of healthy blood pressure. *


Organic Kelp Powder

Kelp is a type of seaweed that absorbs nutrient from its sea water environment. It contains natural iodine, an essential mineral to support thyroid health, and early studies suggest compounds within kelp may help with weight loss.*

Chlorella Cracked Cell Wall

Organic Chlorella Cracked Cell Wall Powder

A green algae that has been prepared to maximize absorption. It contains high cholorphyll levels, which can support immune function and increase energy levels.*


Organic Spirulina Powder

Active compounds in spirulina can support healthy cholesterol levels. The antioxidants will support brain health, and can promote stamina and increased energy.*

Broccoli Head/Plant

Organic Broccoli Head/Plant Powder

Broccoli contains isothiocyanates, which have been linked incredible defense against oxidative damage to cellular DNA.*

An in-depth view

Many vitamins and minerals found in the diet are housed in the brightly pigmented parts of fruits and vegetables. Examples include the bright orange of a carrot, the red of bell peppers, and of course, everything green!*

Our Green Power Blend has captured all the nutrients in the green produce family and conveniently packaged them into an easy-take-blend. This solution is perfect for anybody who is not crazy about eating vegetables but recognizes they are beneficial! You no longer have to worry about sneaking spinach into your smoothies. Instead, you can rely on our product to support your vitamin requirements.*

When you hear green produce, you might think of the usual suspects, like kale or lettuce. We prioritize diversifying our ingredients, and we have turned to less conventional green plants to maximize your daily nutrient intake!*

Collard leaf and kelp powder both contain potent antioxidants₁‚₂. These health-promoting agents neutralize harmful free radicals that can wreak havoc on your body long term. If you have been feeling stiff and just not yourself, these antioxidants may help support healthy, flexible joints and your entire system.*

Spirulina and kelp both hail from the sea. They contain trace minerals that you can expect to find in marine ecosystems, such as iodine₃. Iodine is a vital mineral that supports thyroid health and energy levels. Spirulina also contains active compounds that can help to support healthy cholesterol levels in some individuals₃.*

Broccoli and spinach are both present in our Green Power Blend as well. We know these vegetables are more traditional than the ones we listed above, but they both contain vital nutrients that promote excellent health.Spinach is rich in iron and lutein₅, which support eye health. Broccoli contains isothiocyanate₆. It is a naturally occurring compound that can protect cells against oxidative damage and optimize protection of your health₆.*

Although we have designed our product to be as robust as possible, you continue to eat whole foods and fresh produce as often as possible. Our concentrated blend will support your health, but you will achieve the best results when you complement our product with real food too!*

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